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Nursery Construction Complete!

I'm so excited that the 'construction' aspects of the nursery are complete! Hardwood floors, beadboard, and trim have all been installed, and everything has been covered in a fresh coat of paint:

The only thing we did not get to finish is the window seat - it needs a new top. The hubster will be working on that this weekend, and we will be assembling and installing the furniture and curtains. Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!

Teri's Turquoise & Green Nursery

Recently, I received a request from a reader, Teri, to help her with her nursery dilemma:

Hi there!

I have been following your blog over the last few months. Congrats on the little one on the way! I am also expecting, and our little one is due in 8 short weeks! I actually wanted to touch base to see if you could help me with our nursery. I have a ton of ideas but just wanted to get the perspective from you...I absolutely love the idea boards that you have put together!

We are on Team Green so wanted something modern but neutral. Our bedding was custom made from an etsy seller and is black and white damask with pops of turquoise and chartreuse. Basically, the color scheme to use throughout the nursery.

We are currently having difficulty with determining a paint color. My husband would like to leave the room its current beige color. He is okay with painting one wall (I am thinking the wall behind the crib). I am thinking turquoise with a horizontal stripe of chartreuse. I wanted to see what your thoughts were on this idea. I love the idea of an accent wall to accentuate color but not overwhelm. Based on the bedding, do you think that white walls with a colorful accent wall would work better?



Battle of the sexes? Help with an accent wall? Let's see if this helps. Here is the idea board I came up with using Teri's current nursery decor:

For the accent wall, I suggest either stripes as seen in the idea board above, or a grid pattern. Here are the inspiration photos I found:


Found here 


Found here 

It would be a little bit more work than your single stripe idea, Teri, but I think it would really pull all of the nursery colors together and make both you and your hubby happy.  Whichever you choose, I would use turquoise, green, white, and the current beige that is on the other three walls of your nursery to create the accent wall. Definitely use either blue or green (frog) painters tape to achieve these effects. Here are some tutorials that you may find helpful:

Best of luck and I can't wait to see photos!

How to Install Beadboard

After posting my idea board for Violet's nursery on the Nest, a few Nesties requested that I do a tutorial on installing beadboard paneling. Now really, this is more the Hubster's area than mine - I'm more of his 'lovely assistant' when it comes to this sort of thing. Sure, he'll let me squeeze out some liquid nails or shoot a nail gun from time to time, but he's definitely the one with all of the know-how. So blog readers, you're in for a treat - a rare guest appearance by none other than...the Hubster:

Just so you know, as I write this there is a gun being pointed at my head with a fickle finger on the trigger. Don't get me wrong, I want to help, but I am as distracted as she is fickle.

(Okay, Lauren interjecting here - this guest post was his idea I swear! Secrets about the Hubster revealed: not only is he easily distracted...he is also a HUGE procrastinator. So yes, he may be blogging at gunpoint, but only to get him to do the work that he graciously volunteered to do *wink wink*  Love you honey!)

Let's start with the tools you will need to get the job done the right way.

Tools needed:

1. Pencil
2. Nail Set
3. Carpenter's Square
4. Finish Nails
5. Chalk Line
6. Sabre Saw or Keyhole Saw
7. Nail Gun or Hammer
8. Liquid Nails - Wood or Paneling will work (get a bunch of these)
9. Tape Measure
10. Sawhorses

A table saw is also very helpful if you have one, and obviously, you will need the beadboard itself. We purchased Georgia-Pacific MDF paneling at the Home Depot. We bought the panels pre-cut which was a huge time-saver. They are about 30-32 inches tall and four feet long.

Now that you have your tools, let's get started.

Assuming the baseboard trim has been removed, the first thing you need to do is lay out guidelines on the walls for the top of the paneling. To do this, measure from the floor up the wall. Your measurement should be the height of your paneling plus an extra quarter inch. Make a mark. Do this at each corner of the room. Next, strike a chalk line between the measured marks on the walls.

How to strike a chalk line:

If your house has an uneven floor like ours (older houses tend to have this problem), you will need to move along the line and recheck the measurement while looking for the highest point of the floor. If you find a difference, adjust your marks on the walls and strike a new line.  You will use this new line to line up the top of your panels.

Now we can begin installation. Use the chalk line to guide the panels along the wall, keeping them straight and parallel. In the corners, you may need to scribe an angle if the walls are not perfectly square. (If it's only a small difference it can be hidden by trim in the corners.) Also, allow for a small space in between the panels of about 1/16-1/8 of an inch for expansion.

How to scribe an angle:

I used a sabre saw (jig saw) to cut out holes for outlets and to cut around windows. When fitting the paneling around window, it is preferable to remove the window casing if possible. It can be put back in place later to hide the edges. You can also use a sabre saw to cut panels to length at the end of a wall especially if they are not square.

To attach the panels, first use liquid nails. This is very easy, just cut the tip of the tube and puncture the inner membrane. Then squeeze out the liquid nails onto the beadboard and apply to the wall. Apply pressure on the panel to encourage the adhesive to stick.

Next, use a pneumatic nail gun (or you can use small finish nails with a hammer) to nail the edges of the panel to the wall. The nails at the top and bottom will later be hidden by trim. The nail holes on the sides can be filled with paintable caulk.

Repeat until the room is wrapped in a fresh coat of primed beadboard paneling. Lastly, install new baseboard trim and cap your bead board with chair rail moulding. Trim may also be needed for inside and outside corners.  Then all that's left to do is paint and add trim - we used Behr's Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss, but do whatever floats your boat. That's it - I'm all blogged out!

Thanks hubby for helping out with this post! I know the basics from watching him install it, but would not have been able to explain everything so well.


Nursery Progress

I thought I'd share a few photos today of the progress we've made on Violet's nursery. The 'construction' parts of the projects are almost complete. I can't wait to move in the furniture and get to the decorating!

Here's a recap:

First we painted (well not so much me - I pretty  much helped pick a color and then watched)

(Isn't the Hubster cute with his paint hat?!) We chose Behr Prelude for the paint color.

Next we (mostly the Hubster again - I'm more of his assistant for this kind of stuff) installed our hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators:

We got it on close out for $1.49 per square foot! You can find some really great deals there. We purchased enough for all three bedrooms. We also bought our downstairs Brazilian walnut from LL.

Finally, we (again - minimal help from me) installed the beadboard:

Stay tuned tomorrow for instructions on how to install beadboard panelling - and a special guest post from the Hubster!

Next phase: move in the furniture and decorate. Stay tuned!

Just a Typical Day

The Hubster working on Violet's nursery...

Charlie and Moe making friends...

And Violet and me chilling out on the couch...

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

How to Decorate on a Budget: Part II

So in our last post I talked about tips for designing a space on a budget. These tips can work for any space, but I'm currently applying them to our latest project: Violet's Nursery! Remember that the first step is to Set a Budget. We'd like to keep our budget within $1K, and so far we have spent $391.50 on the major stuff (flooring, wainscotting, paint, furniture, and window treatments) That leaves us with $608.50 for decor and accessories.

Also, don't forget that one of our money-saving tips is to Plan and Organize. I like to plan by creating an idea board for the space (if you haven't noticed).

[Side Note: If you'd like an idea board for a space or event, fill out the idea board request form above to get a *FREE* idea board!]

Here is the idea board I came up with for Violet's Nursery:

I based all of the fabrics, pillows, artwork, etc. off of my main inspiration piece for the room - the curtains (Choose One Decorative Piece to Build Your Room Around), while keeping my Budget in mind. I also used another of the money saving tips - Think Outside the Box by searching non-baby sites and stores.

Let's see how we did:

Owl & Fox: Etsy Gifts from my Sister = free!
Mobile: Land of Nod ($68)
Custom Crib Bumper: Etsy Seller Rocky Top Designs ($99)
Crib Mattress: Gift from my Parents (Free!)
Custom Window Seat Cushion: Etsy Seller Rocky Top Designs ($89)
Love Print: Made by Girl ($25)
Love Birds Wall Art: Urban Outfitters ($28)
Floor Lamp: IKEA ($39.99)
Orange Pillow: cb2 ($29.95)
White Flower Pillow: the one pictured here is from Bobby Berk Home ($75), but I found a cheaper version on Etsy for $32!
White Shaggy Rug: Target ($69.99)
Wall Hook: Urban Outfitters ($24)
Hamper: It's a Girly World ($29.99)
Book Rack: cb2 (39.95)

Grand Total: $574

Under budget by $34.50! We did put most of this on our gift registry, so it could end up being less, we'll see! If you're wondering about the crib skirt and sheet, we just chose inexpensive white linens, which are on our registry. There are also certain things we could get more inexpensively if necessary. For example, I could easily re-create the wall art if I had to. I could probably even make the mobile and window seat if necessary. So we'll see how it all pans out.

I hope these tips were helpful, and if you have any great money saving tips of your own I'd love to hear them! Have a great weekend everyone!

6 Tips for Decorating a Nursery on a Budget

Creating a beautiful nursery doesn't have to break the bank. When we designed Violet's nursery, we didn't really have much money at all for decorating - at the time we were trying to save as much as possible for me to stay home (unpaid) for at least eight months. We decided to set our budget at $1000, and considering that we basically gutted the room and started from scratch, installing hardwood floors, bead board, trim, and painting, I'd say that we had to run a pretty tight ship! Here are a few tips for decorating a nursery on a budget:

1. Reuse, Repurpose, Refinish - We desperately wanted to refinish our wood floors, but they were coated in a layer of impenetrable black glue as a previous homeowner had installed a cheap laminate at some point. Instead we went with new hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators, which is the same company we used for the wood flooring in the rest of our home. We bought a red oak that was on close out for $1.49 per square foot. It looks beautiful and we bought enough for the entire second floor, so more to come on that! (Cost for the nursery = $110)

Although we weren't able to refinish the floors, we did refinish an old hand-me-down dresser - adding a fresh coat of white paint and new knobs and found a pre-owned glider at a yard sale down the street. If you don't get as lucky as us in the hand-me-down and yard sale departments, try Craigslist, or a mom's group on Facebook for great deals and steals on baby stuff.

2. Seek Inspiration Before You Buy
Favorite websites I've found for nursery inspiration include Apartment Therapy,, and, of course, Pinterest. One of my current favorites is Priscilla Barros' showstopper of a nursery:

3. Get Organized: 
I have a Pinterest board for my favorite nurseries and kids' rooms, but I also like to get more detailed when I'm planning a space and have a board for that specific room. After I've pinned a few things, I prefer to start an idea board or mood board to keep things cohesive. The two easiest programs I've found for doing so are Pages and Photoshop, but there are a lot of online sites that offer idea board tools, and you can even create one in Microsoft Word. (or the good old fashioned way - paper and glue!)

4. Choose One Decorative Piece to Build Your Room Around 
If you pick one fantastic item to serve as your focal point, it will focus your thoughts and make you less likely to buy billions of little items to serve the same purpose. (And it doesn't have to be expensive to be fantastic) We chose curtains from Urban Outfitters (Cost $70 total for four panels) and based the colors of the room around them:

5. Think Outside the Box
Don't necessarily feel that you need to look for exclusively 'baby' items at one of the big box baby stores. Our curtains, for example, were not from a baby related store in any way. If you are worried about not being able to register for these items, consider an Amazon or baby registry. We created one of these in addition to the traditional Babies R Us registry and I love it! They basically allow you to add items from virtually any website to a registry that your friends and loved ones can visit.

6. Do It Yourself - DIY projects are a HUGE money saver. I painted the tree onto the wall myself rather than purchasing a pricey wall decal or artwork, my husband installed all of the beadboard, trim and wood flooring, I painted the dresser, hemmed the curtains, and made the pillows with the help of a coworker who is helped me out (I'm not much of a sewer!) If you aren't handy, don't be afraid to ask a few trusted friends and relatives or check out one of the many DIY tutorials on the web (of course, if it involves serious power tools, don't do anything unsafe - if you don't know what you're doing it's best to leave that type of thing to the professionals!)

We ended up staying well under budget, coming in at just under $900 (see the full budget breakdown here), and I'm thrilled with how the space turned out!

Do you have any money saving tips that you use when designing a new space? I'd love to hear them! xo, Lauren

Little Miss Heirlooms - Idea Board Challenge

I have to thank Priscilla from Little Miss Heirlooms for featuring one of my nursery idea boards on her blog!

It was actually originally inspired by one of her posts. Now she has come up with a challenge for her readers - design an idea board for a nursery in pinks and reds - what a fun and creative idea! She will feature her favorites in her next e-mag. You have until January 25th to enter, so get your creative juices flowing. Here's my submission:

Her blog is also a finalist in Apartment Therapy's best Kids at Home Design Blog for 2009, so if you like her blog, give her your vote! 

P.S. She's also doing a giveaway for custom crib bedding - click here for more info!

This one's just for fun :)

Now that we know we're having a girl, we're going for a more girly and less gender-neutral space, but here's another nursery idea board that I created for fun. It was inspired again by Priscila at Little Miss Heirlooms!

Mobile - Copenhagen Styles
Crib -Babies R Us
Paint – Behr Smart White
Wall Decal - Etsy
Crib Fabric/Bedding - Etsy
Eames Rocker - Ebay
Elephant Toy - Land of Nod
Lamp - cb2
Green Pillow - cb2
White Pillow - cb2

Somebody Stop Me...

I keep coming up with new ideas for the nursery! This one was inspired by a new blog that I've started following - Little Miss Heirlooms. The author, Priscila, has fabulous ideas for all things baby. Here's the post that got me started - I loved the colors and even though I could never afford the furniture, I'm sure I can find/create something similar:

What do you think?

Chartreuse Lamp – cb2
Tree Wall Art - Etsy
Crib Fabric/Bedding - Etsy
Crib - Babies R Us
White Shaggy Pillow - cb2
Green Corduroy Pillow - cb2
Hippo - cb2
Paint – Behr Sea Salt
Number ‘6’ -Etsy
Rocker - Maine Cottage
Desk - Maine Cottage
Cowardly Lion -Etsy
Plush Doll - Etsy

Special Delivery!

Our first piece of furniture for our little one is here - our Jenny Lind crib:

Love it! Inexpensive, the perfect fit for our small space, classic, and safe. Thanks to Babies R Us for free shipping and letting us use a promo code. Can't wait til the nursery remodel is finished so that we can set it up.

I'm sure we'll be buying and registering for a lot more baby items soon, the big ultrasound is right around the corner and my belly is grooooooowing...

And speaking of growing - I can't believe how much my hair has grown in TWO weeks! Looks like those prenatal vitamins are really working. Note to self: Schedule an appoint for a hair cut!

New Project: Nursery

In the midst of our bathroom reno, we have begun another project - Project Nursery. We're starting at the bottom and working our way up, and what's closer to the bottom than the floor? A previous homeowner covered the hardwood floors in both the nursery and guest bedroom with a thin sheet of laminate, vaguely reminiscent of wood:

The reason for this travesty cannot be fathomed. Regardless of the reason, it is what it is and something must be done. We were originally going to carpet over it, but I'm not a huge fan of carpet. Allergies, difficult to clean, and expensive. Then we were considering a nicer laminate wood. After the hubster took a peek under the laminate, however, we've decided to give refinishing a go. So out with the trim, out with the laminate, and in with adhesive?

That's right, a lovely layer of black goo graced the hardwood oak flooring beneath. After doing some research online, we determined that the best plan of active for black goop removal was to soak it with boiling water and scrape. While the hubster boiled some water, I ran out to buy a deck mop, and the soaking and scraping commenced:

After a day of soaking and scraping, half of the floor has been freed from the clutches of the black glue. One more half plus a guest room to go! Hopefully sanding will take care of the rest. Wish us luck!

Nursery Idea Board No. 2

And another idea: Ocean theme!

For some reason the colors are looking a lot less vibrant to me on this one when I upload the photo, but you get the idea!

Nursery Idea Board No. 1

Here's my first idea board for Baby H's nursery:

Kind of a woodland creatures theme. Maybe with a big white birch tree painted on the wall? I am SO in love with the little fox and owl from Etsy!

Nursery Musings...

So here's the plan. We've decided to find out Baby H's sex at our next ultrasound, but with a twist. Seeing as how it'll be right before Christmas, we want the tech to write it down on a piece of paper, place it in a sealed envelope, and give it to us to open on Christmas! What a Christmas present that'll be. That is assuming that a) we can wait and b) Baby H doesn't show off the goods while we're watching the ultrasound.

If the slip of paper reads, 'It's a girl!' these are my inspiration rooms. If Baby H turns out to be a boy, the pink will have to make way for another color:

I'm loving the combination of blue, pink, and yellow. I can't wait to find out so I can start decorating!!!

Making Space

Not only is my tummy making space lately, our little house will have to find some room to grow as well.

Cleaning out the junk room
nursery to make space for baby furniture, toys, diapers, and clothes is quite the task. There is simply no other space for the items it currently houses, like the hubster's extensive CD collection, my scrap booking supplies, books, and other odds and ends. Some things, like most of my scrap booking supplies, will have to be parted with. Others, like the hubster's CD collection and our books, will stay.

I've tried to think of many different storage solutions, from bookshelves to cabinets, but there is simply no more space in the H-Haus for new items of furniture. Finally, I came across the idea of underbed storage bins. What a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space! And these boxes from the Container Store are the perfect size for our books and CD's:

I was able to fit six under the bed in our master bedroom alone. And for all of the loose photos that haven't found their way into a scrapbook - the Cropper Hopper photo case:

This case is perfect for storing photos - you can sort them into different plastic sections, and sort them even further with provided paper dividers. Flip the box over and find another section for larger format photos:

The case latches tightly and has a sturdy handle for carrying it around. My photos are now sorted and happily protected for years to come!

So it looks like for making space, plastic is where it's at. It's amazing all of the options that are out there now (and a little overwhelming), but it's so worth it when you see your chaos tamed. We have a long way to go to get the room back to a blank slate, but a definite dent has been made!

What creative solutions have you used to make space, control your clutter, and calm the chaos in your home?

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