An Update on Violet's Room

I've had a few people ask to post some updated pictures of Violet's space, so I had a few extra minutes the other day thanks to my parents (what would we do without them?!) and snapped some new pics. We've switched out the twin bed for a toddler bed, as I mentioned here, added a little stool/nightstand for her water cup at night, I'm trying to come up with a new rug solution because the old one had gotten pretty gross (it's REALLY hard to vacuum because it has raised areas. Remind me to never buy a rug like that again! There was definitely a reason this one was on sale), switched out the curtains (love the pretty tassels - thanks Serena & Lily!), and other than that just a few new accessories - sheets (purchased on super sale and being used in both Violet and Lucy's room), pillows, and artwork (mostly Violet's paintings and my DIY project). Just as a reminder, here's what it looked like when we moved in:

So without further ado:

I haven't done much to the dresser area, but I do have a few things I want to change, so I'll share that area after I spruce it up a bit. I have had my eye on this lamp from Land of Nod for like a decade now, so that will probably be in the mix, and I'm considering a pegboard project...stay tuned :) So there ya go. Maybe someday I'll finish up the nursery and take a few photos of Lucy's room too!
xo, Lauren

P.S. Violet's original big girl room + Violet's nursery

Tassel Curtains: c/o Serena & Lily
Pull-down Map: eBay
Wall Hooks: West Elm
Doll House: The House that Jack Built
Tiny Dollhouses: Lille Huset
Faux Sheepskin: IKEA
Train Set: IKEA
Umbra Horizon Crunch Can: The Container Store
Stool/Nightstand: Serena & Lily
Basket for Books: Dunnes Stores
Letter "V": Anthropologie
Sheets: Anthropologie
Bench: IKEA
Bench Cushion: DIY
Bookshelves: IKEA
Star Pillow on Bed: Hello Milky
Colorful Pillow on Bench: Fine Little Day 
Gold Pillow on Bench: H&M
Mountain Poster: Fine Little Day
Banner Art: DIY
Blocks: How Now Design
Map Puzzle: Zulily
Alphabet Puzzle: The Land of Nod
Dresser: Craigslist Find
Star Garland: DIY


  1. oh. my. gosh. It's so gorgeous my eyes didnt know where to land. I love it all!

  2. Gorgeous! I love everything about this! That bedding is so pretty and I love the wallpaper :))

  3. How do you get those sheets to fit on the bed? Do you just fold them under? I have the same bed and finding sheets is a nightmare!

    1. Yes we just tuck them under! Violet refuses to lay under a sheet (or comforter or duvet for that matter) - just a soft simple thin blanket :) So the upside of that is that we can just use twin sheets and tuck them under the mattress. Plus I figure when we do eventually move to a twin I won't have to buy new sheets! I have seen some great tutorials on Pinterest for making twin sheets into a duvet too, which I've thought about doing.

  4. Oh wow! I want this to be my room! Will you be posting the sources?

    1. I did put a few of the new sources in the text, but I can post some of the other sources for you when I get a chance!

  5. Omg love this! I just posted about the daydream wallpaper a couple of days ago! I haven't seen this colour scheme though. Did you recreate it? I had been admiring the Serena and lily stool for a while but can't justify another purchase for the kids rooms. Just love love the fresh palette. I haven't yet checked out which LON lamp you're getting but the oh joy line comes from out on April 1st and there's a really cute green and gold lamp I've been wanting to buy.

    1. Hi Katerina! Yes I painted it based off of the wallpaper (which wasn't in the budget). I was lucky to get the Serena & Lily stool with credit from a Pin party that I participated in for them :) I'm excited about the Oh Joy collection for Land of Nod as well!

    2. You are so talented! I assumed they were decals. It actually looks better than the wallpaper because it's more integrated into the decor.

  6. Ah yes. I suspected that was the lamp ;-)
    I have the silver one in my daughter's room, with the red shade which is a really lovely bright colour.

  7. Gorgeous! Where are the beautiful pillows from? Swoon!

    1. The colorful one is from Fine Little Day and the gold one is from H&M

  8. I have always loved this room and the updates makes me love it even more. I have been dying to see updated pics of the nursery! I love your style!

  9. the clouds above the bed are amazing! I love the 'somewhere over the rainbow' banner

  10. Is the star garland made from scrapbook paper or something else? I LOVE the look and everything else about this room.

    1. It's made from newspaper and gold, and silver metallic paper. I cut out the stars with a paper punch and sandwiched fishing line between them with Elmer's glue. I'm sure scrapbooking paper would work just as well!

  11. Could you pls say which size the basket for books is? Is it M or L? Thank you



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