Ideas for Violet's Room

I have some credit to use over at Serena & Lily and was considering getting a new rug for Violet's room. The rug she currently has is completely annoying to keep clean - it has raised parts and lower parts and I just feel like our vacuum never gets down into all of the fibers. She's also obsessed with the colors red, blue, and purple - they're her "fave-wits," so I would love to pull some more of those colors into the room for her.

Since the last time I shared the space, we've switched her over to a toddler bed from a twin. We were trying to avoid that transition piece of furniture, but after many sleepless nights we caved and bought the toddler bed out of desperation. It was the best move we ever made! She's so much more comfortable in it - the sides give her a feeling of security and help keep her in the bed. (With the twin we ended up trying the mattress on the floor so she wasn't so high up, but she'd constantly roll out and end up laying beside her bed/half on half off/etc. What can I say, she's a thrashy sleeper just like her mama :)) She's got new bedding as well, which she LOVES ("wed, boo, and pupple" flowers - oh my!) - in fact she gets angry when I wash her sheets because she only wants to lay on her flower ones lol.

I also wouldn't mind freshening up her room with a few new accessories - some artwork to add a little more color into the space, and maybe a shiny lamp? The current print from Fine Little Day would look pretty nice in mama and papa's room. Maybe something like this:

Of course, we're on a budget with me being off of work right now, so no plans to do a big update at the moment, but hey, a mom can dream, right? So what do you think of the rug? Yea or nay?

Sources: moose rack, love you artwork, daisy print, dhurrie rug, gold dot pillowcases, poketo mobile, nosegay sheet set, wooden fox, gold lamp, heart print, floral painting, popsicle print


  1. I think the rug would be beautiful, but I'm biased as I bought that very rug last week. It came in on Saturday and is beautiful. I'm excited to use it in our new house in my girls' shared bedroom. You also got me hooked on Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie, we have not only two feather crowns and hair ties, but a lantern and a dream catcher to coordinate in their space. I'm going to paint their new room a soft gray that has hints of purple, and have colorful bedding(as I make their bedding and love pattern).

    1. I'd love to know what the texture is like - is it super scratchy or on the softer side for a dhurrie?

    2. It's a great in-between. Not too soft, and not scratchy(at all). My girls love it, and it feels like it will hold up great. Hope that helps!

  2. Replies
    1. I know I love it! Just wondering about the texture since I can't check it out in person.

  3. This looks cozy and comfortable. Getting up of the bed won't be easy with this and my arcondition around.

  4. I look this Ikea bed and have a question about it :) We currently have our (almost 5 year old) in a twin bed but are in the process of putting our two daughters in the same room forcing us to downsize on the beds (two beds in the same room- cant fit two twins) ... do you think this bed length will/ would last your daughter a couple more years? I know its longer then a traditional toddler bed but I'm still not 100% sure.

  5. *sorry meant to say I like this ikea bed! :)



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