New Year, New Baby, New(ish) Nursery

Now that we know we're having another little girl, I've been thinking a lot about the nursery. I'd like to make some small changes to update it for our new little sweetie without going too crazy. Right now I'm thinking we'll keep the current paint color and furniture and just spruce the room up with new accessories and bedding. Here are a few fun things that are on my wish list:

1. I Lovely Love My Family print by Tuesday Mourning
2. For Like Ever lasercut sign by Oh Dier Living
3. Unikko Wallpaper in Cream by Marimekko
4. Sleepy Fox by Savage Seeds
5. Lasercut Birch Eep Birds by Skinny laMinx
6. Running Fox by Ostheimer
7. Clay Toadstool by Sweet Bestiary
8. Little Wooden Bear by Outside Everywhere

I've been crushing on that Marimekko wallpaper for pretty much ever since I saw it in this little girls' room a long time ago. I'm not sure where I'd use it - as art? In the nook? On the dresser? But I'd love to incorporate it somehow. It would be nice if I could find a remnant since a whole roll would probably be overkill, but I don't know if that will happen. Well, I'm off to ponder a little more so that I can hopefully have it finished by the time the new baby arrives! xo, Lauren


  1. fun! I'm working on a woodland/fox theme for my sister's 1st baby nursery and i love these ideas.

  2. I really like the peachy/blush colors that you've shown - that will be really pretty. Using the wallpaper framed might be nice and not too much but still have a fun impact - could always do a monogram or something hanging over it too.

  3. Another girl, congratulations! Sisters are so much fun!

    1. Thanks! I'm really excited for Violet to get to experience being a sister :)

  4. Thank you so very much for sharing my Sleepy Fox on your Lovely & Fabulous post! You made my day :)

  5. I've been crushing on that wallpaper (and it's inspiration room) for a long time, too. How do you find all of your fabulous Etsy sources? I really dig your aesthetic!

    1. I so wish that particular colorway of the wallpaper came in fabric form! Wouldn't that be great? I find a lot of my Etsy sources via Pinterest, some through other blogs, and some just by good old fashioned digging :) I used to love using Etsy's shop suggestions, but they stopped doing that unfortunately :/

  6. so happy to see my little bear here! much thanks for including him!! oh, that sleepy fox is making me swoon!

  7. Hello.
    My name is Keri-Anne. I have just found your blog via irocksowhat. What a lovely lovely blog! I am following along and excited to see your journey xxx



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