Our Christmas Cards 2012


I've been waiting to make use of one of these family photos that we had taken by the lovely Candice Van Moolenbroek while we were in Australia, and I thought, of course, Christmas cards! I just added some simple text and a border in Photoshop, and voila! Now I'm trying to decide if I should print them myself or if it's worth it to have them printed by an online vendor. Any recommendations? We don't have much to spend this year with saving up for baby number two, so if you know of a great place with decent prices I'd love to hear about it! xo, Lauren


  1. Costco! It's super duper cheap! It's photo paper, but you can do matte and they are large and lovely.

  2. Vistaprint also is pretty reasonable and great quality :)

  3. I always go with mpix.com. Professional quality with calibrated printers and not too pricey!

  4. MyPublisher ALWAYS has great prices and options! Love the picture!!!

  5. You don't want to add "and baby #2" to the bottom of your card? It'd be a cute way to share the news with people who may not know yet!

  6. I had cards printed with Vistaprint, and the quality was very average. I also used tinyprints, which was better. Good luck with this, I also want to hear about good recommendations.

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  8. Love this! Cardstore is having 75% off on holiday cards from now until Nov.25th. I got ours there for X-mas this year and it cost me less than $15!

  9. Cardstore - 75% off until Nov 25th!

  10. In the past, I've used Photoworks in San Francisco (they also do online ordering/shipping):


    The lab that I use currently (which also does shipping) is Fotoworks Pro:


    Both of these are good labs. Hope this helps!



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