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I think that Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. can do no wrong. I can't wait until this gem is available to add to our bookshelf! xo, Lauren

A Lovely Find


I'm currently head-over-heels in love with this adorable play table and chairs set from Oeuf. I certainly can't afford to spend over $200 on a chair for a little person, but there's got to be some sort of DIY inspiration here, am I right?!

Memories of My Grammy

My grandmother passed away this past week. I was asked to write something about my memories of her, and I'd like to share it on here, as this blog for me has come to be a record of the major events in my life. While I love the idea of keeping a diary or journal, or scrapbooking or creating photo albums, I never quite seem to put the idea into practice. But I love scrolling back through my posts labeled "family" or "Violet" or "Lucy" and seeing years past unravel before me.

A random collection of memories of my Grammy:

Crunching gravel down the lane
Jumping in the colorful leaves
The lingering smell of Taboo
Coloring meticulously inside of the lines
Perfectly manicured fingernails
Eat your crust, it will make your cheeks rosy
Playing in the woods outside of the old house on Merrin Lane
Listening to the steady drone of the printer
Chocolate wrappers on special days
Printing banners and posters to our hearts' content
Sweets filled with cream
Spaghetti dinners with angel hair
Dancing to the lilting sounds of the Nutcracker 
Driving home on Christmas Eve with heavy eyes
Playing house on the brick patio, surrounded by yews
The creak of the porch swing
The glow of the fisherman lamp
Shelves filled with toys lining the play room
Blankets, doll clothing, and stockings crocheted with love
Tables piled high with projects
Goodie bags at Christmas
Back scratchers
Wooden deer and an orange afghan
The color purple

When I was asked to write something about my grandmother, I tried to think of one big moment, one really amazing story, but what came to me were the little things - the smells, the sights, the sounds. But really these little moments, these fleeting memories - they are the bits and pieces that make up a life. They are what we carry with us in the end. So in the words of one of my favorite writers, Roald Dahl, who is ever so much more eloquent than me, "Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." We love you, Grammy, and we will carry our memories of you in our hearts, always. Love, Lauren

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