My Favorite Sources for Cute + Classic Jammies

For the first time in forever (scary that I can't say that any more without singing it!), I put pants and long sleeves on the girls at bedtime the other night, and found that they've both grown like crazy over the summer!  I'm thinking it's time for some new jammies. (I only wish I could update my wardrobe every season! My "pajamas" mainly consist of Kevin's t-shirts lol) These pretty pajamas from Skylar Luna are some of my favorites - they're cute, comfortable, and classic:

And here are a few of my other places to get cute sleepwear for the girls:

1. Old Navy | Gap
2. Crew Cuts (a little too pricey for us, but cute nonetheless!)
3. Hatley
4. Carter's (adorable and super affordable, especially during sales!)
5. The Children's Place (love their prices!)
6. New Jammies (love that I can use my Amazon Prime shipping)

We shop sales and choose the more inexpensive options for our every day pajamas, of course, but if it's for a special occasion where I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures (AKA Christmas morning), I'll sometimes splurge on a special pair :) And I won't lie - Violet definitely has her share of Disney princesses, Dora, and Hello Kitty pi's as well! Now if only I could find more sources for the super warm fleece winter pajamas, I'd be set. Violet's room is super drafty (old house = no insulation) and she never keeps her covers on. Gap's are great - so warm and soft, but also so pricey. I always have to wait for a really good sale and then I buy them up.  And there are a ton of super warm footy pajama options out there, but they are not so great for a kid who is still learning to use the potty by herself at night. Any tips for that would be greatly appreciated! xo, Lauren

Photos from Our Time with Our Australian Family

My sister and her family recently visited us from Australia for a few weeks (hence my lack of blogging - I was too busy squeezing my nephew!), and she recently sent over some photos that she took during the trip. Here are a few of my favorites:

A-Lovely-Lark-Family-Visit Violet was immediately smitten with her cousin - they've met twice since he's been born and have interacted a lot on Skype (thank goodness for technology!) She was all about smothering him with snuggles, cuddles, and hugs :) He wasn't so sure about all of that cuddliness, but dealt with it pretty well I think! Lucy greatly appreciated the break from Violet's constant hugs and kisses at any rate :)

Now they're back safe and sound in Australia and we're missing them terribly. And I still can't believe that I'm going to have a second nephew come December that I won't get to squeeze in person until they visit again! If only someone would invent teleportation (or make the airfare from east coast U.S. to Australia about a thousand times cheaper!) I'm just thankful we live in the age of technology - I don't know how anyone was able to be this far away from close family before the advent of video chatting, Facebook, and Instagram. Does anyone else have a niece or nephew that you haven't been able to meet in person? How do you deal?!

P.S. Aren't her photos so gorgeous! It makes me long for a real camera instead of my iPhone. Alas, also not in the budget! 

Art for the Nursery: Which Would You Choose?

I'm trying to decide on a print for Lucy's nursery to go on the wooden shelf above her bookcase, but I just simply can't choose between the two of these from The Animal Print Shop. That little fox is just too handsome, and the deer is so, so sweet. Which would you choose?

(On the other hand, I suppose I could use the "Love" artwork from Violet's original nursery? It is currently homeless, as it doesn't really fit in her new space. Plus - "free!")

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