Giveaway: bObles Chicken!

I have a sweet little giveaway for all of you just in the nick of time for Easter! We received this cute little bObles toy in the mail from the lovely folks over at Modernmini and the girls just love it. It's a really versatile toy that can be used in a ton of different ways. When we got it I put it out on the floor for the girls and they had a ton of fun experimenting with it:

The chicken bOble comes in a variety of cute, bright colors, and there are a bunch of other animals in the bObles family as well - from elephants to crocodiles.

To enter to win your own chicken Boble, please visit and leave a comment below with your favorite items. (I'm personally kind of obsessed with the Seed stroller and Minimii dollhouse!) You can also receive 20% off in the shop by using the code "ALOVELYLARK". Good luck and have a lovely weekend!

(You can enter through this Sunday at 11:59PM EST - Sorry this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only)

Feeling Sweet


There are a lot of nursery designs out there, but the tweens and teens often get the short end of the stick. I’ve found that for this age group, a mix of adult and kids’ decor is a must to bridge the gap between the two worlds. And while bright, fun colors are still a go, mixing in metallics and a few touches of a more sophisticated color like black can make all the difference in keeping the space from feeling too childish. I was recently inspired by my friend’s tween daughter who has a major sweet tooth, and here are some fun finds for a girl’s room that won’t make the space feel too saccharine. You can check out the sources over on my post for!

Conversations on Tigger


Violet decided that she wanted to draw Tigger the other day. I have no idea what prompted Tigger to be her subject of choice, as she isn't super into Winnie the Pooh and hadn't read any of the books or watched the movie recently, but she regardless she knew that she wanted to draw Tigger and wanted some help in doing so. So we sat down and started to talk it out. Here's a little snippet of how our conversation went (spoiler: I got schooled):

V: What should I dwaw first?
Me: Well, Tigger has an oval-shaped body, why don't you start with that?
V: What's an oval-shaped?
Me: An oval is kind of like a circle but longer.
Nice job! He has a circle head and circle ears.
V: Continues to draw Tigger's head and face.
Me: Those are nice eyes!
V: No, those aren’t EYES! Those are his cheeks like when he loves someone!
Me: Who does he love?
V: I don’t know, can you sink? (think)
Me: Maybe he met a girl tigger?
V: No, a boy tigger to fall in love with!
Me: Oh, is Tigger a girl or is he a boy who loves another boy?
V: He’s a boy who loves another boy.
Me: Okay, next draw four legs.
V: No, Mommy, he walks like a people! He only has TWO legs you silly!
Me: Oh, right!
V: Draw High Heels, because everyone has high heels, wight?
Me: Draws high heels
V: No not high heels like a lady! High heels like a MAYUN!
Me: Okay, how about black stripes?

V: He has ORANGE stripes too! 
Me: True, true. 
V: And these are his loooong looong toes. There! Perwfect.

I'm excited for when Lucy starts talking and I can get a little peek into the inner workings of her little mind as well. You never know what you'll find :) xo, Lauren


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